About Us

Tropical Tag was created to add the tropical vibe to your wardrobe and home décor. We love all things in Nature and can’t decide if we like mountains our beaches and hence our designs are inspired by all natural elements such as sea, sky, mountains, tropical foliage and the way people find comfort in. 

Our bright tropical designs, all over prints or motifs on t-shirts, crop tops, dresses and hoodies are sure to uplift your mood and make you look uber cool. You can add funky accessories, printed bags and shoes as your liking or mix it up with other prints like florals, fruits, and vegetables, or animal spots to underline your personality.

They make for great OOTD’s or even brighten up your Work from Home look on point.

Add style and oomph to your casual wear without compromising on the comfort. Tropical Tag is all about making you look vibrant and colourful in the most effortless way possible. 

Say Aloha to trendy and timeless fashion! Happy Shopping.